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ICO NameSwapZilla
Start DateJuly 15, 2019
End DateJanuary 01, 2020
CountryHong Kong
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Our goal is to become a unique infrastructure solution, creating value for each of our clients and partners. SwapZilla will provide users with a comprehensive services and most advanced trading tools.

We offer a modern high-tech trading platform, where the user will get an instant access to information, news and analytical data, hundreds of cryptocurrency exchanges and a wide variety of trading tools — all in one window:

Collection of the price data on different exchanges allows SwapZilla users to make transactions at the most favorable rate and minimize the risks of exchange manipulation.

SwapZilla trading core provides the user with a wide range of functions for a quick and convenient execution of transactions, as well as for monitoring and analyzing the trades.

The arbitrage, mirror and margin trading modules allow the user to receive passive income on our platform.

Through the SwapZilla information and analytical core, our clients will get convenient access to news, analytics and recommendations specially selected for them.

The system of verification, storage and transmission of data, enables the SwapZilla users to get the most secure and efficient crypto exchange experience.

Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Chief Commercial Officer
Chief Technology Officer

What is the best #cryptocurrency tracker? Where can I find different trading tools? How can I reduce the exchange fees?
If you have ever asked yourself any of these questions in the last couple of months, then we have a solution for you - #SwapZilla

Mirror #trading is a strategy that allows investors to copy trades of experienced and successful investors. If mirror trading brings positive returns, the funds earned by the investor will be distributed between him (up to 70%), author of the trading #strategy, and #SwapZilla

🔹Follow #crypto leaders and crypto news
🔹Analyse the coin you’re planning to invest in
🔹Use trading #bots
🔹Install a price ticker
Use #SwapZilla to find the best prices for #trading. There will be lots of pairs on our platform, so you can always #trade with any coin

#Safety precautions you should follow:
🔹Understand how #cryptocurrencies work
🔹Use a safe computer and #network
🔹Do not use public WIFIs
🔹Bookmark all the sites you use
🔹Use strong and unique #passwords
🔹Enable #2FA
🔹Distribute your funds across #exchanges and #wallets

The main expense of any #crypto #exchange is customer support: conducting #KYC procedures, constant monitoring of customer reputation, and implementation of technical support. #SwapZilla will completely eliminate these costs from our partners.

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Price1.0000 USD Sale27,150,000 Payment Mode BTC, LTC, ETH, ETC
Minimum Investment1 USD Distribution90,5% RaisedN/A
Soft Cap2,000,000 USD Hard Cap27,500,000 USD